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We are a student-led society at The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, part of the University of Edinburgh who aim to inspire and educate veterinary students in the options available to them once they graduate outside of small and large animal practice.

Dick Vet Wildlife Conservation Society Committee (2019-20)

What is our ethos?

This society exists because of the question: are you a human being or are you a “human doing”?

We all applied to vet school because we are passionate about animal welfare and care, yet 4574 species are registered as critically endangered.

What are our objectives?

We aim to bring 6 diverse speakers to The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies per year to talk about their own experiences and the opportunities for young veterinarians in their work.

Hopefully, we will provide you – as students – with a broader view of the options available to you with your veterinary degree.

Meet The Society

Joanna Wilson

Society President & Co-Founder
Joanna is in charge of overseeing everything we do as a society and has played a very important role in organising our conference. She is passionate about all elements of wildlife conservation but is particularly interested in large African mammals.

Nirvana Leaver

Society Treasurer & Co-Founder
Nirvana is involved with the general running of the society, as well as managing the accounts. She has always had a keen interest in wildlife conservation, but after her move from urban life she now has a new appreciation for re-wilding.

Paul Gogerty

Talks & Events Organiser
As part of our committee, Paul organises the events that we put on throughout the year, including our lectures and some exciting new practical days that we will be hosting this year. His conservation interests include wildlife pathology and the conservation of Scotland's wonderful wildlife and wild spaces.

Katrina Shlyakonova

Media Representative
Kat is responsible for the managing of our various social media pages, promoting events and design! She loves the outdoors and travelling and is most interested in marine mammal conservation and birds of prey. In 2019, she helped set up software for giraffe identification on Mapesu.

Zoe Insley

Society Secretary
Zoe helps with the general admin of the society and whatever else is needed really! She's particularly interested in marine conservation and is learning how to scuba dive.

Jade Burke

Society Secretary
Jade helped us set up an exciting new partnership with The Pear Tree, who are pushing their new eco-friendly drink options and waste management. She was one of our Mapesu placement students in 2019!

Roxanna Neo

Society Fundraiser
Roxanna works hard to fundraise for our society and was involved in organising sponsorship for our conference. She also occasionally likes to put her design skills to the test by creating infographics for the society! Roxanna is from Singapore and has volunteered in the world renowned Singapore Zoo as a conservation ambassador.

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Our beautiful header video was shot by Robert Hofmeyr and was shot in South Africa, Namibia and Botswana.

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