Our society aims to provide education on conservation and show students that there are careers available outside of small and large animal practice. We want to allow people who are passionate about conservation to be given the opportunity to listen to speakers who are out there making a difference to conservation efforts throughout the world. We will provide a platform for students to ask questions and network with people who may open new avenues for them later on in life. We hope that ultimately people are inspired by the talks, and get involved in the world of conservation!

What can the society offer to you?

  • Talks by interesting speakers
  • Two subsidised placements a year to be part of the conservation efforts at Mapesu Game Reserve
  • The opportunity to aid in fundraising efforts for conservation projects decided by you
  • The chance to build links with a number of organisations, which will enable you to travel the world and get involved
  • A different outlook on what can be achieved with a degree in Veterinary Medicine

How can you get involved?

By joining the DVWCS, and paying the modest subscription fee of £10 a year, you will be able to attend talks by interesting and diverse speakers from around the world. They each have their own unique story to tell about the world of conservation.

  • By buying our branded clothing items and purchasing cakes at bake sales on the Easter Bush Campus – you will be contributing to our fundraising efforts.
  • By making suggestions of who you would like us to have as speakers.
  • And finally, by applying to go on our projects – even if you don’t get a subsidised placement, we can help to put you in contact with Shared Universe Foundation!

Ultimately you can help us make a difference by deciding to be a human doing, rather than just a human being.