Wildlife Conservation Conference 2019

On Saturday 16th November, the society hosted our first-ever conference and the first wildlife conference of its time at The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies!

The committee worked tirelessly for many months in the lead up to the event, bringing together influential conservationists to educate over 100 veterinary students from across the United Kingdom.

The inaugural wildlife conservation conference at the R(D)SVS hosted by the Dick Vet Wildlife Conservation Society!

Speaker list included:

  • Dr. Mark Barnett – “Honey bee health and genetic diversity in the UK”
  • Dr. Simon Dures – “Transfrontier Lion Conservation: applying genetics across time & space”
  • Professor Wouter van Hoven – “Wildlife Conservation in Southern Africa & the role of the Wildlife Veterinarian” Head of the Center for Wildlife Management at the University of Pretoria
  • Dr. Glen Cousquer – “Transforming Self, Society & Science to Move Beyond the Anthropocene”
  • Dr. Robert Ogden – “Wildlife Conservation Genetics: Applications of Molecular Data to Management and Law Enforcement”

The day included several lectures and a debate panel where the audience was given the opportunity to pose questions directly to the speakers following a series of challenging discussion topics. These included trophy hunting and reintroduction of species to the Scottish Highlands.

Afternoon debate panel where our speakers were put to the test in front of our audience, answering questions based on challenging and current topics within conservation.

We hope that the conference served as a platform for students to ask questions and network with professionals, as well as conservation projects, who may open new avenues for them post-graduation. Ultimately, the aim of the day was to inspire students to become advocates in the world of conservation!